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Lead Technician Luis Guevara

Are you located in the Chicago area and looking for the scalp micropigmentation¬†procedure? If so you’ll be sure to want to know Luis Guevara. Here is his story on how he became passionate about the smp¬†procedure!

I started losing my hair when I was 15 years old. I went through shaving my hair in an attempt […]


First off, there are plenty that appreciate a shiny scalp. They find it appealing and not something that has to be minimized through any form of concealment. This stance is perfectly normal and keeping the shine is really a matter of preference more than anything else.

This article however is more for those who are looking […]

Your first session – what to expect

Are you feeling a mix of excitement and anxiety about what will happen during the initial session? That is perfectly fine, it happens to everyone. This is what you can anticipate to take place during the actual procedure.

If you already had your consultation, your visit will most likely begin with a short dialogue with a […]

Your scalp micropigmentation consultation

Every scalp micropigmentation treatment should be preceded by a consultation. Not only is it one of the most important aspects of the entire process, it is also necessary for the technician to establish what is required. It is a chance for the technician to observe the scalp of his potential patient to make a thorough […]

How long between each scalp micropigmentation session?

It would be great to have an instant solution for baldness. There are different options to choose from in the market today. A person with thinning hair can easily go for special shampoos, topical creams or medication. Those with a more pronounced form of baldness can choose to go for advanced methods through surgery. Others […]

Scalp micropigmentation and the importance of dot size

Many amateur technicians simply do not understand the importance of the size of each follicle replication. When it comes to inquiries by clients however, this is one of the most common concerns mentioned.

A pigment deposit is intended to represent a hair follicle. It is not a regular one at that, but a shaved one. This […]