Are you located in the Chicago area and looking for the scalp micropigmentation procedure? If so you’ll be sure to want to know Luis Guevara. Here is his story on how he became passionate about the smp procedure!

I started losing my hair when I was 15 years old. I went through shaving my hair in an attempt to have it grow thicker. I used Rogaine, Procerin, even Propecia for 6 years until the side effects became too much. I went on to also get a transplant which left little to no surviving hair and $9,000 in debt. I then went to someone who said they could to SMP and they blew out the dots and the dots turned green. The 12 laser tattoo removal sessions for 1 year were bad and burned much of my hair off which only led to my balding to worsen. Finally when the removal could be covered up I decided to create my own hair line and have the procedure done.

After being through so much I can easily empathize with my clients and understand what they are feeling and going through. I put love into every single dot I place on someone’s head because every single dot signifies a day or moment my client  felt insecure or even sad about their situation and that dot is putting that moment to rest. I work with my clients to be able to obtain the best results while also meeting their expectations along with a natural undetectable look. I guarantee people will feel comfortable with me and see me as a friend. Their life is about to change forever.