First off, there are plenty that appreciate a shiny scalp. They find it appealing and not something that has to be minimized through any form of concealment. This stance is perfectly normal and keeping the shine is really a matter of preference more than anything else.

This article however is more for those who are looking to find ways to reduce or prevent unwanted scalp shine. It hopes to offer some guidance on the right maintenance procedure to keep their head from becoming too noticeable.

Shave accordingly

Having the hair on your scalp completely shaved off is the main cause of this phenomenon. There is hardly any hair that interrupts the light from reaching the skin. Instead of absorbing this light with the short hair strands left, the skin reflects it.

Yes, scalp micropigmentation requires you to shave your head to make it effective. One way to keep a bit of hair to help prevent unwanted shine from happening however is by shaving against the grain. This will leave just enough hair to shield your exposed scalp from easily bouncing off light. Also, it would be best to use an electric shaver instead of wet shaving because it naturally leaves just the right amount of hair on your scalp.

A normal situation

Your scalp naturally secretes oil called sebum to guard the skin against bacteria. Any attempt to permanently reduce the amount of oil produced is hardly recommended. There are however some ways to manage it.

Routinely washing your scalp with an exfoliant is a more acceptable approach. Using products with matte effects can definitely help reduce the shine. Another trick is to keep facial wipes within reach for those times when you are on the go.

Anything that would dry your scalp however is to be avoided. This would actually cause increased sebum to be generated in order to replace the protective layer of oil removed. Moisturize with non-greasy products regularly to prevent this from happening.

Have a good routine

Men will naturally have hair growing especially at the sides and back of the head even after getting it treated with scalp micropigmention. To maintain this treatment, they must shave regularly. This will however encourage a shiny scalp unless you shave against the grain and use the necessary products.

It does not end with washing your head with gentle soap. You should also moisturize after doing so. The first step strips it of excess oil that causes the shine. Applying a good non-greasy moisturizer hydrates the skin at just the right level. Using any other type of product that is oil-based or is considered a heavy moisturizer is counter productive. There are also those that combine a matte effect with its moisturizing properties though a separate mattifyer might do a better job. This would of course make the maintenance cost more expensive. For a lower priced option, milk of magnesia may do the trick. Just make sure to take it off promptly to prevent small bits from accumulating.

Your outlook

Remember that a little shine is not so bad. You might end up spending so much time, money and effort over something that is a commonly accepted occurrence. Avoid getting too absorbed on this regular physiological function and simply enjoy the benefits of your scalp micropigmentation treatment.