Are you feeling a mix of excitement and anxiety about what will happen during the initial session? That is perfectly fine, it happens to everyone. This is what you can anticipate to take place during the actual procedure.

If you already had your consultation, your visit will most likely begin with a short dialogue with a technician about what was already talked about. Otherwise, your consultation will take place now. This usually happens in a private area away from the treatment area if available, however if you are the only client in the clinic at that time, the discussion may take place in an open area. Clients should use this opportunity to confirm if the style previously discussed is still the style they want. It is important to do this because the person who may have conducted the consultation may be different from the one performing the procedure.

If necessary, your technician will discuss with you your choice of hairline, including its definition, position and shape. It will be drawn by the technician on your scalp using a charcoal or wax pencil and they will alter it accordingly until it suits your preference. Feel free to spend as much time as possible with this step. This process often takes twenty minutes or more to complete.

Your technician will then determine what blend of pigment to use. The technician will also examine your skin’s surface area to locate any scars or blemishes you may choose to retain. This can increase the authentic appearance of the treatment in many cases. Having completed these discussions, the application of the pigments will now take place, following the preparation of the machine.

The primary concern of most patients is how much pain they are likely to feel during the process. Expect some mild discomfort at the beginning though this will most likely dissipate within the first minute or so. You will be pleasantly surprised to find how easy it is to get used to the sensation.

The technician should pause often during your session. It will allow him to constantly check his work and to give you a break. You can also verify how the work is progressing by requesting a mirror if you wish. This should be used to view your scalp from different angles. Each session should take about three hours. A break of about thirty minutes is usually incorporated in order for both of you to be able to refresh yourselves before continuing anew.

Upon reaching the end of this first session, a short recap should be made regarding what took place. You can share what you observed and how you felt though it would be best to hold off any decisions about your second session until after your skin has fully recovered. The pigments still need to settle in and fade before the real effect of the scalp micropigmentation treatment can be appreciated.

On the day of your first session

  • Wear something comfortable. You will be sitting in one place for a few hours.
  • Your hair should already be shaved. It will save some time for both you and the technician.
  • You may take painkillers if you wish though make sure you do not take blood thinners such as aspirin.
  • Bring a hat to protect your scalp from accidental scrapes and bumps on your way home. This should be made out of nylon, not wool.